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                  Rail transit industry
                  Ship and marine engineering
                  • GW series
                  • GV twin-engine parallel operation series
                  • GC series
                  • GA/GQ series
                  • Marine engineering
                  Wind power
                  • Step-up box
                  • Yaw gearbox
                  • Paddle gearbox
                  Energy equipment
                  • Nuclear power
                  • Light and thermal power generation
                  • Roller mill
                  • Crusher
                  Building material
                  • Vertical mill
                  • Roller squeezer
                  • Cement mill
                  • Cement kiln
                  • Hot-rolled gearbox
                  • Cold-rolled gearbox
                  • Rod-Wire gearbox
                  Hydraulic engineering
                  • Climbing lifter
                  • Ship lifter
                  Rail transit
                  • Turnout
                  • Tramcar
                  • Monorail
                  • Subway
                  • Coupling
                  • Shock absorber
                  Engineering equipment
                  • Shied machine
                  • Shale gas
                  • Coal mine machinery

                  Its drive device provides power for the switch of the turnout system to ensure that the turnout beam switches according to the prescribed line shape, so that the turnout in the straight line and the line under the switch state meets the operating requirements.


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